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Good Friday

Jim Bowman adds this footnote to his posting about Good Friday:

"GOOD FRIDAY: To temper my pessimistic view of San Francisco's religious attitudes as a possible reason for Good Friday's marginalization.....I have noted that Friday's edition of the Los Angeles Times makes no specific mention of it either...although "Holy Week" gets some space. This is amazing, given that our calendars list it and many workers get time off to attend services. Ramadan certainly got plenty of space a number of weeks ago.

GOOD: One view is that with Christ's words, "It is finished," he was not referring to his death, but to the work he had come to accomplish..namely the salvation of mankind. In that sense, if it is true, it was a bad day for him, but a very good day for us. Christ's death for the sins of the world, signifies salvation, his resurrection validates it".

Ronald Hilton - 4/19/03