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Re: Bush says God chose him to lead his nation

Daryl DeBell makes an interesting comparison between the religion of Jimmy Carter and that of President Bush: "The trouble with religiously guided political behavior is that it is good when it follows precepts which are beneficial, and bad when it uses God's word to justify or guide self-serving objectives. Jimmy Carter was, I believe, at least as religious as Bush, but his actions are representative of the first type, while Bush's are more like the latter. The most dangerous are those who 'know' God's will and seek to carry it out. That is indeed hubris of the most pernicious kind. Such is the situation with the Wahabis and many of the Christian Right. I am un-WAIS enough to despise both".

Bush represents the Christian right, Carter the Christian middle. Who represents the Christian left?

Ronald Hilton - 11.02.03