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Re: Bush says God chose him to lead his nation

I asked: "If Bush represents the religious right and Carter the religious center, who represents the religious left. Linda Nyquist replies:"Dorothy Day founded the Catholic Workers Movement and was a real proponent for the worker in the workplace, and she was a devout woman. I would have nominated Mother Jones, but she wasn't a practicing Catholic".

Indeed, Dorothy Day (b.1897) converted to Roman Catholicism in 1927 and founded a newspaper,The Catholic Worker and wrote several books: From Union Square to Rome, House of Hospitality, and Loaves and Fishes, all this in addition to her great charity work. She was a remarkable woman.

On Mother Jones, see Mother Jones - How Mary Harris Jones Became the Miner's Angel ...

Although described as a saint, she does not seem to have practiced her religion, so she does not really qualify as the religious left.

Tim Jones says: "The Christian left? Try the new Archbishop of Canterbury, the World Council of Churches, or the Reverend Jesse Jackson. And I bristle at anyone despising anyone for their religious beliefs because it forecloses understanding, and understanding is a condition precedent to dealing with fundamentalist or any other committed group. You need not agree with them, but you must try to understand them. Personally, I despise neither Wahabi, nor truly dedicated Roman Catholics nor fundamentalist Christians. Instead I strive to understand them so I can find way we can deal with one another peacefully out of mutual respect and to avoid confrontations generated by categorical rejection of their beliefs. Only in this way can we even hope to find ways to live together and reduce the potential of today's growing friction to lead to violence. Better we tolerate, understand and try to work together as we try to find a solution to the growing challenges being generated by today's confrontation between fundamentalisms".

I would not mention tbe Archbishop of Canterbury in the same breath as Jesse Jackson. While we should try to understand all religions, that does not mean that we should close our eyes to the dangers some religions represent in differing degrees.

Ronald Hilton - 11.02.03