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Re: Bush says God chose him to lead his nation

Daryl DeBell replies to Tim Brown:
"It is strange for me to be criticized for not seeking to "understand" religious extremists when, as a psychiatrist, that is the thing I do. Perhaps neither 'despise' or 'understand' are quite the right words, because although I do think that I understand a lot of human attitudes and behavior, I often do not like them, disapprove of them, and even find them hateful; the range of negativity is very wide.

For example, I think many of the most extreme of the religious right, in thinking of themselves as the agents of God's will, are using their religion as a cover for their own (narcissistic) wishes and impulses to dominate others, to force them to conform to their personal wishes. I find such motivation quite unacceptable, and the cover story hypocritical. Simply put perhaps, despicable".

Ronald Hilton - 11.03.03