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RELIGION: Cardinal Jaime Sin of the Philippines

Many countries are hoping that the next Pope will be one of their citizens. Bienvenido Macario of the Philippines says:

"Cardinal Sin has retired. Speaking strictly of his contributions to the Roman Catholic Church, he is a giant. While American bishops and cardinals were struggling to contain and resolve the scandal concerning sexually-abusive priests, Cardinal Sin didn't even have to bother with such roblems. [?RH].
In fact, fugitive priests found a safe haven in the Philippines in the same way that American fugitive would escape to Mexico or Brazil. The dilemma for the Vatican is whether or not to elect a Filipino as the next pope. There are several candidates from the Philippines. Cardinal Vidal, Bishop Bacanii and of course Cardinal Sin himself. Cardinal Sin and the Philippineshave done more than any cardinal and nation on earth on behalf of the Vatican. I think that Cardinal Sin would make a good pope even for just a day, a month or a year. The Vatican owes it to this extraordinary cleric in an extraordinary time. If the next pope is the first non-white pope, I hope it will be someone from the Philippines. I hope it will be Cardinal Sin".

We shall see.

Ronald Hilton - 08.16.03