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Religion: The Bones Of Christopher Colombus

In the Middle Ages the bones of saints were supposed to have miraculous qualities, and there was a fierce competition as to which church had the most effective bones

This mentality explains the claims of may churches to have the bones of Columbus. I mentioned Seville and Santo Domingo, Now Alberto Gutierrez reports on Havana's claim: "Also a burial site at Havana Cathedral has to be taken into consideration.After Columbus died in 1506, his body was transferred from Valladolid to Santa María de las Cuevas,a monastery in Seville. In 1536 his remains were taken to Santo Domingo.When the French took over that colony those "same"remains were sent to Havana and placed in a niche of the local cathedral.

On that occasion the sermon honoring Columbus was delivered by Dr Jose Agustín Caballero. It was repuredly the best piece of Cuban religious oratory .To complicate matters, some historians claim that in 1898, at the end of the Spanish domination of Cuba, the remains were sent back to Spain. Others disagree. Even in Miami I have heard different versions from competent sources, but nothing conclusive".

This takes us back to the report that someone was taking DNA samples of all the bones. Apparently even in Miami the argument goes on.

Ronald Hilton - 11.06.03