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The Faith of Condoleezza Rice

Rob Gaudet says: "I don't know Condi Rice, but I am impressed by her faith. I do not think she is a fundamentalist despite her affiliation with Daniel Clendenin of the I/V group at Stanford. I knew him and I think he is a fundamentalist as he leads a Friday night worship service at Stanford where all stand up and put their hands in the air. It may be the students do that on their own accord, but I think he might encourage it. That kind of expression is common to many fundamentalists.

Condi, on the other hand, goes to Presbyterian churches which are normally pretty restrained in their expression and moderate in their theology. I doubt she is a fundamentalist. She's just a believer with conviction, like the great heroes of the civil rights movement. She obviously learned as a child that there is a difference between right and wrong and that sometimes you simply need the courage to fight wrong. I wonder if Christopher Jones has the moral courage to do anything more daring than eat pate and read Nietzsche (who belittles Christians as weak)."

I/V stands for inter-varsity. Clendenin has left Stanford, but the group continues. As for pate de foie gras, I trust Condi does not eat it, since the poor geese are subject to torment against which animal/civil rights leaders are potesting. The geese are organizing a march on Washington.

Ronald Hilton - 09.30.03