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RE: The Faith of Condoleezza Rice

Christopher Jones says: "Rob Gaudet likes believers with conviction and somebody who knows the difference between right and wrong (as he or Mrs Rice sees it.) I can give him a few other political personalities who fit into his pious view of the world: in particular, one I knew personally named Ruhollah Musawi, better known today as the Imam Khomeini. Rob's phraseology is exactly the same as the Ayatollah's. Strength of convictions and the moral fiber -- to send thousands to their deaths in front of firing squads. I'll stay with my pate de campagne s.v.p. -- it's safer.

I detest official "religion" and I certainly don't like the mix between religion and politics. As I have said before, "religion" has killed of more humans than all the Hitlers, Stalins, Genghis Khans, Tamerlanes put together. If Ms Rice derives some sort of inner strength from Bible reading, I think she should keep it to herself, because I firmly believe that some things should be a private matter. As for her moral fiber, I repeat my accusation: how can anyone be so hypocritical (of course, a special, higher degree of hypocrisy is reserved for pious church goers) to state that she derives strength from the Bible "to do the right thing" and sanction the US veto in the UN to prohibit Israel from murdering or exiling the democratic leader of Palestine? Could Rob tell us where in the Christian religion murder is sanctioned?

Finally Rob seems to think that I am devoid of "moral courage" because I live in France or read occasionally F.W. Nietzsche. I think Condoleezza Rice is suffering from what Nietzsche would call "ressentiment." In his Genealogy of Morals, Nietzsche described in detail the concept of ressentiment which if discarded could eventually lead an individual to became a "superman." What is it? It is a constant envy, jealously and desire for revenge -- so typical for our fundamentalist Christians. Is Rice a fundamentalist? Any politician who openly says that she leaves government business in God's hands is a fundamentalist. Full Stop. She and her patron, George W Bush contrast their "morality" with everybody else's who are labelled "evil." (classic ressentiment.) This act of saying "No" or denial is the ultimate "slave morality." Their slave master, Israel is the ultimate modern example of this because it rejects everything from the outside and promotes its "jewishness" as an instrument of repression. Ressentiment breeds more ressentiment. Rice is the product of the crowd, she is not an individual".

Nietzsche's arguments bewilder me, but I am no expert on him. Perhaps Cameron Sawyer, who is, can clarify the matter. Does Nietzsche use the French word "ressentiment", and how does that differ from resentment?

Ronald Hilton - 10.01.03