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Religion in France.

Christopher Jones sends this footnote in response to Rob Gaudet's assertion that in France no one goes to church:

"I can assure Rob that people go to church in France as in any other country in Europe. In particular, I think that before he tries to slander the French people anymore, he should visit the Cevennes in central-southwestern France and attend a Protestant service in one of the many villages that extend from the Nimois plain up into the rugged mountains called the Cevennes.

These people are very conscious of what religious persecution means. They are the descendants of the Huguenots who fled the troops of Louis XIV after the revocation of th Edict of Nantes (Louis thought God was on his side, just like Condi Rice. The king displayed impeccable moral fiber to "do the right thing" and murder every Protestant he could get his Catholic hands on.) If that doesn't convince Monsieur Gaudet, I suggest he travel further south to Lourdes and witness the services there.

As for pedophilia among French priests I have never heard of a case. I suppose it must exist, but it certainly hasn't become a media event.

It is interesting to know that the Protestant faith is still strong in the Cevennes, a region described by Robert Louis Stevenson, brought up as a strict Calvinist, in Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes (1879). However, what Christopher says about religion does not jibe with what we have been reading about "Europe's empty churches". My impression is that the miraculous cures at Lourdes have largely been discredited.

Ronald Hilton - 10.01.03