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The next Pope

From Paris, David Pike writes: "Do we have a WAISer inside the Vatican to keep us posted on the gossip in the corridors? The lobbying began years ago, no less in earnest than the maneuvering that goes into elections to the Academie Francaise. You mention among the favorites Bishop Bacanii, placed between two cardinals. As a lowly bishop he needs to be famous to win support, but he can find encouragement in the fact that the Council of Constance ended with the election of a Pope who was not even a deacon. In any event, the winner cannot become the first non-white Pope. There were two non-whites, probably blacks, from North Africa in the late first and early second centuries".

Our expert on the Vatican, Ed Jajko, is on vacation, but I do not believe the rumor that he is in Rome discussing the papal succession with Pope John Paul.II. I find this talk about the papal succession very un-Christian, since in every Catholic country the choice is viewed as a means of boosting national pride.

Ronald Hilton - 10.01.03