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The Zionist-Fundamentalist Christian Alliance

Tim Brown says: "The last time I checked, Latin America, all the English speaking world and most of Europe both East and West, including Russia, and much of Africa was also Judeo-Christian, and the Vatican was in Rome, not Jerusalem primarily because of historical confrontations between the Muslin and Christian world that can hardly be blamed on George Bush and his staff because history is linear, That is to say that what happens today cannot change what happened yesterday, much less a few centuries ago, although those who hate Bush and despise America insistently ignore both history and reality and will continue to do exactly that in the name of their secular gods. There is a far more satisfying and far less conspiracy theory-based explanation for what is happening, but I suspect the cohorts of Bush bashers are having far too much fun emoting to even listen to it".

Tim has a point. One thing I do not like at Stanford is the cry "Beat Cal!!!". I don't want to beat anyone, I want to cooperate with everyone. Unfortunately, our society has the slogan "Beat...!" Fill in the blank with your favorite target: Bush, Al Gore, whatever. Why can't we discuss matters of national interest without reducing the debate to a brawl?

Ronald Hilton - 09.28.03