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Religion and violence

Jim Bowman comments on my remark: "WAISers cover the ideological spectrum, from realists, who see solutions in the resolute use of force, to idealists". He says:

"One of the reasons dialectical materialism proved to be ineffective in practice is that it miscalculated human nature. This is a most likely explanation why idealists of all genera become disappointed. Self-interest is the basic ingredient of conflict; it must either be challenged by inner transformation (spiritual change of heart), or sadly, contained by force. In the first case, Christian missionaries around the world attempt to convince people to work toward becoming Christ-like. In the second case, where the innocent cry out for help, it is hard to remain passive".

My comment: This is a Christian "just war" response to the Quaker-like position of Ross Wilcock. I strongly agree that we must always factor human nature into our ideologies. So would Adam Smith.

Ronald Hilton - 3/11/02