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Religion and world affairs

Religion is of supreme importance because it attempts to tell us what the world is all about and how we should behave. But religion is not the same as religions, which work at cross purposes and are a major cause of world conflicts. The evasive answer put out by among others the Bush administration is that we respect all religions, which really means we avoid the subject. An excellent case is provided by the sergeant in Iraq who rolled live grenades under three command staff tents and shot one officer, killing two and wounding 14 of his comrades. Most news services left the story there, but the Los Angeles Times revealed that he was a black Muslim whose name was changed to Asan Akbar (the great). For a detailed account, see Insight (15-28/4/03).

The policy of WAIS is to discuss religious matters candidly and factually. Adherents of any faith who feel that a posting does not do it justice to it should send a factual, reasoned reply. Mere denunciations of the author of the posting are counterproductive.

Ronald Hilton - 4/26/03