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RELIGION: An Episcopalian speaks

Miles Seeley says: "Tom Moore makes a good point, as far as I am concerned. I am a middle class white Anglo-Saxon raised in the Episcopal faith. By the time I was at Stanford I thought I was an atheist. Then I had the good fortune to live in countries where the prevailing religions were Buddhist, Shinto, and Moslem. I slowly came to think each had good and bad points, and my personal theology finally had elements of all of them. But I too have been struck by the simple faith of the Sunni Moslems, who pray directly to God and have no intermediaries. As I watch the Catholic Church being torn apart and faithful Catholics defending it by saying priests are only human and thus fallible, but they still believe in the Church, I feel sympathy for their plight. After all, isn't the Pope both human and infallible, and isn't the priesthood composed of His servants? I have zero tolerance for gay or pedophile priests who have molested children and adolescents. They have committed serious crimes and it has been amply proved that the way the Church dealt with them was wrong".

My comment: What is going to happen to the Catholic Church? Its stronghold now is Latin America, and in the US it is now largely Mexican. We will keep an eye on this.

Ronald Hilton - 5/23/02