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Anticlericalism in Hispanic countries

Bienvenido Macario from the Philippines is very critical of the Catholic Church there, and he notes the anticlerical tradition of Hispanic countries: "I have to read John Mason Hart's Revolutionary Mexico. The Coming and Process of the Mexican Revolution and in particular Part III or 1926. In John Cornwell's book Hitler's Pope, he mentioned that in Mexico some 5,800 Catholic clerics were killed by Stalinists or communists in 1926. And ten years later, the killing of 6,832 bishops, priests and nuns started in Spain. The Catholic dogma on the sainthood and holiness of St. Joachim, the Blessed Virgin Mary's father was the start of the liberals' resentment of Catholic control of the country". This is a huge story, which we will take up as time permits. I will look into the impact of the canonization of St. Joaquim,

Ronald Hilton - 5/21/02