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RELIGION: The Catholic Church in the US

Tim Brown, who lives in Nevada, to which many Basques migrated as shepherds, writes:

"I'm a Protestant, but regularly attend mass with my wife, usually in English, and the pews are almost always full with dozens of communicants standing as well. While, of course, most Latinos are Catholics, in our particular neighborhood the population is largely of German, English, and Basque origin and attends mass in English, so attendance is not driven by Latino immigration but by devotion.

In that vein, when in Latin America I often go to Protestant services in Spanish and there, too, the pews in those churches are usually full to overflowing as well. In my experience the common denominator is piety not ethnicity, and that is not the preserve of any particular church, whether Catholic or Protestant, but of the people."

My comment: The great gains have been among the groups, such as the Catholics. the Evangelicals and the Mormons, which appeal to emotion rather than to the intellect As Pascal said " Dieu, sensible au coeur, non a la raison."

Ronald Hilton - 1/01/01