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Catholic Church, Santa Tecla, Women and Mexico

     The memo on Santa Tecla from Joan Ubeda elicited a series of interesting comments, notably from María Torres and Jorge Matos. I consulted Dennis Ronald MacDonald, The Legend and the Apostle. The Battle for Paul in Story and Canon. He speaks a lot about Santa Tecla (Thecla in English), who became the symbol of the role of women in the early church. It the occurred to me that she is much more than the patron saint of the Spanish Internauts, because they use a teclado made up of teclas.
     Emilia Pardo Bazán, a neo-Catholic feminist, stressed the important role women have played in the Catholic Church. Women can now be ordained in many churches, but not in the Roman Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II is strongly opposed to the idea, angering many American women Catholics. Samuel Ruiz, until recently Bishop of Chiapas, was viewed with suspicion by both the Mexican government and the Catholic hierarchy. Some Catholics charged was that he had ordained women, as proved by the fact that he had seen him with his hands on their heads. His defenders denied this, saying he was just blessing them. All this goes to prove you can't be too careful.

Ronald Hilton - 5/8/00