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Religion as a cause of war

Religion as a cause of war is a burning issue on this day of the Israeli elections, which may affect our conference session on the subject. Robert Gregg clarifies his position:

" I, along with other academics who work in religious studies, find a frequently-heard comment quite superficial: "If it were not for religion, there would be no violence and no wars." There's no question that religious systems, Christianity included, have "played into" wars regularly and violently. But that religion, per se, separable from economic and other factors, alone is responsible for war strikes me as a historically problematic kind of claim. "

My comment: This is a position any sane person would agree with. Anyone capable of saying "If it were not for religion, etc" is utterly unWAIS. Alan Luxenberg calls our attention to an article on the subject: See the Spring 1998 Orbis on "Faith and Statecraft."

Ronald Hilton - 2/05/01