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Christian Fairy Tales - China

Jim Bowman writes: "Tom Moore, an avowed atheist, said he preferred Islam for its (practicality?) as opposed to the "fairy tales" of Christianity". I was somewhat confused at this contrast of Islam with Christianity, given that all religions, Islam included, are based on what skeptics would call "fairy tales." Islam's very foundation is based on Mohammed's word that "the truth" was given to him by the archangel Gabriel (a "fairy tale" character invented by another religion!). If there is no God, then of course all the religious stories are fairy tales. If there is God, then all else after that is possible. It does not mean all stories are true (truly some are invented!) , but it means that then the door is open to the possibility that some stories are true.

The organization I work with has been broadcasting to China since 1949. We have seen thousands of comments from listeners (276,000 of them, to be exact, since China opened up around 1978). One of the most interesting comments from atheists who have become Christians is that they "have stopped telling themselves lies" about the non-existence of God. I offer this as a contrast. For them, the story that they were taught in school about God's non-existence was a fairy tale!

From an intellectual point of view, the personal quest for God needs a fair and just approach. The problem is that most religious adherents rarely sift their own beliefs, and that atheists rarely face squarely the implications of that position".

My comment: The history of Christianity in China from the early times to its present growth there suggests that, in terms of convinced (not nominal) Christians, China may rank high in the world.

Ronald Hilton - 6/13/02