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Christianity, Judiasm and Islam

Liliana Quintanar asks "On what basis can we say that one religion is pacifist and the other one is not? I've had the great luck to be learn about both lines of thought, Christianity and Islam, and all I can say is that the principles of both religions may be defined as pacifists, both talk about love for God, love for others, and both provide their followers with an opportunity to grow spiritually. Now, what their churches or congregations do in the name of these lines of thought is very different!"

My response: It is politically incorrect to seem to prefer one religion to another, but the fact remains that Gospel Christianity is pacifist, whereas Judaism and Islam are not. More importantly, the characteristic of Gospel Christianity is love, in he sense of "caritas", not in the Old Testament sense of erotic love, although the Song of Solomon mingles the two. One test would be the compare the frequency of the word "love", in the sense of caritas, in the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran. My conviction is that the New Testament would come out an easy first. With online versions of all three, it should be possible to confirm this statistically. This comparison refers only to one specific aspect of the three religions, and is not meant as a blanket criticism.

Ronald Hilton - 7/7/02