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Christmas: Peaceful or Noisy?

     Joy to the world! I did not communicate that message to Miles Seeley, who writes:
     "And a joyous Christmas to you, too, Ronald! You remind me of my wife, the Lutheran. Everything is always bleak, catastrophe is just around the corner, and we are riding a slippery slope to hell with the rest of mankind. Sometimes that mindset amuses me, sometimes it exasperates me, but overall I simply wish she could enjoy her life more. I am blessed/cursed with an eternally optimistic outlook and can never be "down" for more than a day. The world and its inhabitants are endlessly fascinating."

     My joyful retort: I don't go "Ho! Ho! Ho!", but I enjoy life immensely, and I find the world, etc., endlessly fascinating. I am never depressed, so I don't need to go "Ho! Ho! Ho" or to bang on drums. Any WAISer who does should stare out, as I do, at immense redwoods, and enjoy the quiet majesty of the scenery.

Ronald Hilton - 12/11/99