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Christmas: The Celebration of the Child

     No more "Ho! Ho! Ho!" for Miles Seeley. He has taken off his Santa Claus attire and speaks from the abundance of his heart:
     "I am delighted that I provoked you into such a positive series of statements, Ronald. I suspect that my wife secretly enjoys her life much more than she normally will say, and the truth is that I also can be cynical, burned-out, and world-weary. I can still be inflamed, too, as I am about child abuse in all its forms. My first and abiding interest at the Menninger Clinic (with which my family and I have been involved for over 45 years) has been the Children’s Hospital, where the victims struggle to cope with the scars inflicted upon them. God bless them. And may I also urge WAISers to support the CARE legislation in the US House of Representatives, aimed at protecting the children and prosecuting the offenders."

     My applause: What could be a better message at Christmas, the celebration of the loved child, than this statement? Whatever one thinks of the historicity of Christ, his words ring down the ages: "It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones."
     Let me again thank Jaqui White. A year or two ago, when I mentioned the celebration of the Three Wise Men, she sent me a charming Mexican group of statuettes of them adoring the child. At this time it occupies a place of honor in our home. I have put in a cage the fierce bald-headed eagle she once sent me. I kept telling it that the animals adoring the child are not his favorite food, dead fish, but I thought prudence dictated this measure.

Ronald Hilton - 12/11/99