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Church scandals and the future of religion

John Wonder says: "I fail to see what is new about these priest scandals. I has been the subject of popular jokes for years as long as I can remember--including limericks". Indeed, when reading about them I often think about the Reformation. Some historian of that period could make a detailed study of it to draw precise parallels. One is clear. A major cause of friction was whether the clergy should be tried in ecclesiastical courts or in civil courts, precisely a major issue today. Looking back at reforms in the Catholic Church during the last century, they usually were identical with reforms made by Protestant churches long ago. That trend is likely to continue. Will the Christian churches converge? Will all religions slowly converge through a process of syncretism? Look at Stanford's Memorial Church. It may happen. What does the high priest of convergence theories, Alex Inkeles, think?

Ronald Hilton - 5/9/02