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RELIGION: Corpus Christi in Spain

Martha Hoffman reports on Toledo, Spain: "Corpus Christi has a long tradition and is still a rather important festival in many places in Spain. The Toledo celebration is impressive, with carnival-like festivities surrounding it, and on the day itself, the narrow streets are strewn with herbs (I think it was thyme, but perhaps sage) that fill the air with fragrance. Processions of various confraternities, many in traditional garb, and, yes, children's groups escort the large cathedral monstrance through the streets. Residents bring chairs from the houses to claim a viewing spot, flower boxes are full, banners and shawls hang from balconies, and many of the streets along the processional route have canopies suspended between the buildings for shade. It's quite beautiful, and all the little silver ornaments on the monstrance make a kind of magical tinkling sound as it moves through the street. Children are part of the festival simply because they are part of the community".

My comment: We thank Martha Hoffman for this account. Still, the comical dresses and makeup of the children in Mexico add a special and rather odd touch to what is supposedly a solemn event.

Ronald Hilton - 6/16/01