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RELIGION: Corpus Christi (!) and the submarine of that name - WAR AND PEACE

Robert Huff comments on my remark: "Say "Corpus Christi" (the Body of Christ) to Americans, and they will look blank" He says:

"Not entirely true. Many will identify the city in Texas; military trivia buffs will know about the nuclear attack submarine "City of Corpus Christi" which had to be so named to avoid the establishment of religion issues."

My comment: Right! I should have said I was talking about holidays. I mentioned the Texan city later. What a parody! The separation of Church and state must have been raised by people familiar with the religious holy day. The Body of Christ symbolized the killing of an innocent, noble and defenceless individual. Now it is used to designate a nuclear attack submarine, a whale of a body. The Crucifixion marked the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire, for which whatever admiration was instilled in me by Latin classics has largely evaporated.

My fear is that the US is repeating the mistake of the Roman Empire and of the German Empire which collapsed in World War I. When I was a boy there was still an enormous respect for that Germany as a land of great universities and scientists. It seemed to lead the world. Then a fatal miscalculation brought about its destruction. Perhaps we are making a similar miscalculation. This has been made clear in an interview with Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr., president of Lawyers Alliance for World Security. He gave one of the nest informed and most lucid presentations I have ever heard. He got his JD at Harvard and did postgraduate work at the Institut des Sciences Politiques in Paris . He has held important government positions, both at home and as a delegate to international conferences. He was counsel to the Secretary of the Air Force in the Defense Department. He is an active Republican, but I frankly doubt that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (the two were at Princeton together) pays much heed to his counsel. I imagine that WAIS chairman Michael May knows him. I hope the next WAIS conference is devoted to International Law and headed by Tom Campbell. I hope also that Ambassador Graham will come with a goodly phalanx of the Lawyers Alliance for World Security. I would like to know more about this Alliance. It sounds like a world network of lawyers competent to speak on these matters in a constructive way.

Ronald Hilton - 6/16/01