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Crisis in Religions

Many messages have been received about the crisis in religions, mostly asserting traditional positions. Those who deny that there is a crisis in all religions seem unaware of what is going on. Bienvenido Macario has sent me this odd item:

"Buddhist officials in Nepal are having a difficult time recruiting 5-year-old girls to be official goddesses, to live in palaces and be waited on hand-and-foot, according to a March Associated Press dispatch from Katmandu. The problem is that the goddesses' jobs end automatically at puberty, and the girls increasingly are unprepared for the rest of their lives, untrainable because of how sheltered and pampered their early years were. (Mere tutors are not permitted to tell a goddess to study, and legend has it that men who marry ex-goddesses die young.) "

Ronald Hilton - 10/24/01