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RELIGION: "Evangelical"

I said "The use of the word "evangelical" is tricky. In Latin America it is pretty close to fundamentalist, and I think this is true in the US also". Philip Terzian says: "Not at all. US Anglicans, for example, are divided into (among other things) evangelical and Anglo-Catholic wings". RH: Then the word is even trickier than I thought. In England the expressions are "high church" and"low church". The "low church" people are close to the fundamentalists. The WAIS specialist on American Episcopalianism is Jon Huyck, and I would appreciate a comment from him. In the considerable literature on evangelism I note this: " Since about 1950, the word 'evangelical' has frequently been applied in the United States to the inheritors and proponents of fundamentalism". This confirms what I said, and it reflects current usage.

Ronald Hilton - 1/29/03