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RELIGION: February 14--Valentine's Day

My fear is that our "civilization" will collapse of its own idiocy. Religions represent man's attempt to explain the universe and to codify his own behavior. The trivialization of religious festivals means that they have become hollow, fragile shells. We have often made this comment about Christmas. A less commercialized example is St. Valentine's Day, February 14. Around the world it has been celebrated in exotic ways which have made good TV spectacles. No, we are not talking about roses, that beautiful and ancient symbol of the profound feeling of love, but about activities which do not smell as sweet. On world television there have been a few references to the Roman Lupercalia, but not a word about St. Valentine; there may have been two of them, both martyred. In 1969 the Catholic Church dropped the feast from its calendar. This was part of the program to drop the feast days of saints about whose authenticity there are doubts. It was also an admission of defeat in the battle against the old paganism. Progress?? Perhaps.

Ronald Hilton - 2/15/01