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Halloween, Stanford University

     Halloween is hallowed evening, all Souls Day when we pray for the deceased, especially our parents. In Catholic countries thousands go to the cemeteries and lay flowers on graves. Only in the United States has it become an occasion for gross entertainment, a profanation of a solemn day of remembrance.
     At Stanford last year, students made whoopee outside the Stanford Mausoleum, a gratuitous insult to the dead benefactors. Despite protests, this year's celebration was even grosser. The noise was such that protests came from people living a long distance away. The department of public safety shut down the party at 11.45 p.m., over the protests of the revelers. Are these our brightest and best? If so, God help this country. Stanford used to be known as The Farm. Now it should be called the Animal Farm.

Ronald Hilton - 11/3/99