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Religion in Mexico: Sex and the clergy

Carlos Galvez comments on sex scandals among the Mexican clergy: "Similar scandals about the Catholic Church have appeared in the Mexican press sporadically over the last few years. I remember several rumors about sexual harassment involving the Legionaires of Christ, and in particular, one involving the founder of the order Father Marcial Maciel. An editorial that appeared in the journal La Jornada about this case is available at

However, the incident did not reach the proportions it did in the US, and interest in the press waned relatively quickly. As far as I can remember, the Church never even commented on the accusations, and I don t think there was even a serious investigation (though I obviously don t have any information in this regard)".

My comment: Usually in Catholic countries these things are not viewed as scandals as much as they are in the US. Incidentally, I have received no comments on my inquiry about barraganas, priests' concubines posing as cooks or housekeepers.

Ronald Hilton - 4/5/02