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Religion in Mexico: Sex and the clergy

I was delighted to hear from Mexico expert David Crow, at the University of Texas, a large university in a large state, located, for your information, between Oklahoma and Mexico. He says: "According to a friend of mine who was studying for ordenation as a Jesuit in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, it is not unheard of for priests to have children in certain indigenous communities. In these townships, a man without a wife and children is not respected as a fully responsible participant in the community; hence, the practice is not looked askance upon. Nonetheless, the priests must hide the practice from the Church hierarchy, which leads to the incongruous (and humorous, if looked at in the right light) situation of priests calling worshippers "children" and their children, "nephews". In the mid-90's, the bishop of Oaxaca, Diodoro Carrasco (if memory serves), openly advocated marriage for clergy members".

My comment: Perhaps he had a barragana, and wanted to legalize things.

Ronald Hilton - 4/7/02