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Religion in Mexico: Sex and the clergy

Mexico expert David Crow said " In the mid-90's, the bishop of Oaxaca, Diodoro Carrasco (if memory serves), openly advocated marriage for clergy members". Alejo Orvaņanos rectifies: "Diodoro Carrasco was GOVERNOR of Oaxaca, never (please) a bishop or priest. He later was Secretary of the Interior". This brings up an important point. The PRI traditionally was anti-clerical. I assume Carrasco was a member of the PRI. Is his pro-priest-marriage position common among anti-clerical or secular Mexicans? What about nuns and convents? In the Spanish republic, anti-clerical Alejandro Lerrox once spoke of "raising nuns too the status of mothers". A curious situation arose when the clerical CEDA party became the largest party in parliament. Lerroux had become much more tolerant and he headed a government which included the CEDA. The same was true of Salvador de Madariaga. He was so anti-clerical that his two daughters were not baptized, but he later became favorable to the Church. This opens a whole can of issues: baptism, divorce, the civil status of the clergy.

Ronald Hilton - 4/9/02