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Religion: Islam

Although an avowed atheist, Tom Moore says he prefers Islam, with its simplicity, to Christianity, with its fairy tales. Robert Gaudet responds: "Tom Moore does not understand Islam. He should look at the Five Pillars of Islam to understand that it is, indeed, very ritualistic and to a much greater extent than Christianity. One of the Five Pillars is prayer, required five times per day while the person faces Mecca.

Another one of the Pillars requires the giving of alms. I can't think of anything more ritualistic than giving because it's mandatory. The same tradition for charity exists in the Christian church, but it is not as mandatory. As far as miracles are concerned, the entire Qur'an is one miracle of revelation from God to Muhammad and,therefore, it is as astounding (if not more so) as any of the miracles in the Christian Bible"

Ronald Hilton - 6/2/02