Islamic Bomb

Christopher Jones writes: "We were treated last night to a special report about Pakistan's nuclear pioneer, Abdul Qadeer Khan. Yesterday, he met with his old friend, Parviz Musharraf, who has referred the controversy surrounding Mr Khan to the Pakistani cabinet. It seems that Qadeer Khan was at the epicenter of a nuclear smugglers' ring that passed vital secrets (above all concerning the enrichment of uranium) to Iran, North Korea and a few other "rogue states." But he is revered by Pakistan's masses. The father of the Islamic Bomb was already interviewed in 1998 by German TV where he deplored the US as the "self appointed" guardian of the world and "the only nation to ever use nuclear weapons." Trained in Germany, Abdul Qadeer Khan worked for years at URENCO and was already sentenced to a short prison term in absentia for stealing nuclear secrets in Holland. Of course, his dislike of the US and Israel is apparent, and he has made good use of the hypocritical policies of the US to justify his light fingered touch with things nuclear. Did Al Qaeda receive vital secrets from Qadeer Khan?" RH; "A few other rogue states"? Only Libya was mentioned. Is it possible that some other states have nuclear ambitions?

Christopher Jones writes: "As a follow up to my posting about Abdul Qadeer Khan, I am sending access to a Guardian article about that very subject, and I excerpt: " . . . Mohammed ElBaradei, the head of the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency, said the trade in the technology was now a dangerous "supermarket". . . . . . . He said recent revelations of clandestine sales to North Korea and Libya were "the tip of the iceberg". . .
International investigations, led by the CIA and the IAEA but also involving MI6, are being conducted as a matter of urgency into the network in nuclear technology stretching from Europe to Asia, with a hub in the Middle East.",3858,4852917-103595,00.html