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In the East of the US there are many organizations with confusing names; Do not confuse the Council on Foreign Relations with the American Foreign Policy Council. WAISer James Woolsey, director of the CIA from 1993 to 95. addressed the latter on the subject of Islamic terrorism.

To designate the Moslem groups which support terrorism, he used the term "Islamist", a term modeled after fascist and communist. They are relatively small in number, and the US must avoid treating American Muslims as it did Japanese Americans in World War II, when three leading liberals, President Roosevelt, Earl Warren and Hugo Black authorized their transfer to relocation camps. I hope the US follows the excellent counsel of James Woolsey.

I said that James Woolsey used the term "Islamist" to designate Islamic terrorists, a term modeled after fascist and communist. Christopher Jones comments "And Zion-ist?"

Ronald Hilton - 09.29.03