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Islam, the Jews and Christianity

Paul Simon asks: "I have always heard that Al-Quiran says that in the end times Christ will return and break the Cross, and all Christians will have to accept Islam and all Jews must be killed". It sounds ominous, but is it true?" Tom Moore replies "I have read two translations of the Quoran and neither has anything like that statement. On the other hand, it is not a pacific document. Muslims are told to fight if Islam is under attack. There is no message about turning the other cheek".

My comment:The last sentence reveals the peculiarity of the Christian faith among the three related ones. While later actions belied the pacifist tenets of Christianity, it is quite different from Judaism and Islam. Jehovah was a god of war who smote the enemies of the Jews. Mohammed was not a peaceful man. He reportedly had 600 Jews in Medina killed because they refused to recognize him as a prophet. Expelled from Mecca, he assembled an army, and, after a camel gave the appropriate sign, attacked and and conquered Mecca. Compare this with Christ, who allowed himself to be crucified to save mankind and persuaded people with his moral, not physical courage. This should be interpreted as meaning that, deep doown, humanity wants the peace that passeth all understanding, not the peace imposed by force. Some Christian missionaries failed to observe Christ's injunctions, but the majority did.

Ronald Hilton - 3/4/02