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ISLAM: Reverence for nature

Stephen Schwartz says: "The Bedouins hate the Wahhabis because the latter persecute them for their folk practices, such as believing in the spiritual significance of rocks and trees". RH: Add this to our many postings about the complexity of the Muslim world, about which most people have little idea. When Islam entered India, there was the tremendous shock of its running into Hinduism, in which the cult of monkeys, snakes, etc., takes us back to ancient Egypt. Why did these cults survive so long in India? Arabs give some spiritual significance to water. They drink it, even though it is polluted. Islam abhors alcohol. The Spaniards drank lots of red wine, even in their conquest of the New World. America's Founding Fathers drank quantities of hard cider,wine and beer, judging water and even milk dangerous. How far was the decline of the Islamic peoples due to their drinking polluted water? What diseases did they thereby contract? There should be a book on history and alcohol.

Ronald Hilton - 7/4/03