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Jesus was a conservative Jew??

Rob Gaudet says: "As one final comment to Adriana Pena's posting, I'd say that Jesus was a conservative Jew and adhered to everything in what Christians call the "Old Testament." Consequently, he probably knew all about David, Abraham, and their relationships with various women. He probably supported them. Indeed, he was considered to flow from the line of King David who, we know, had many concubines and was shortly followed by King Solomon with an infamous number of 1,000 women. Presumably, Jesus as a conservative Jew would've had no problem with that. However, we don't see that aspect of human behavior (I don't think it's theological to have concubines so much as it's just human behavior) in Jesus's own life. Maybe he condoned it. Maybe he didn't. My guess is that he would not condone the use of any person for pleasure. Each one is perfect image of God, even concubines, and deserves to be treated as such"

RH: Rob is skating on thin ice. Jesus, a conservative Jew? Perhaps in the modern sense of that expression. He said he would not change one jot or tattle of the Law, but really he was a revolutionary, the founder of Christian socialism. As for women, consider Matthew 5:28:"Whoever looketh on a woman to lust after her bath hath committed adultery with her already in his heart". Shame on you, David! No dirty thoughts!

Ronald Hilton - 2/17/03