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Jews and the Y chromosome

Commenting on the Jews of China. Tom Grey says: "All men have the same "Y" chromosome as their fathers, whose is the same as their fathers'. All other chromosomes are a mix; your "X" chromosome from your mother is a combination of her two "XX" pair -- only the "Y" is the same as the parent.

This is well explained in a nice web article:

Other reports discuss, especially, the surprising genetic purity of theJews. One of the more interesting findings in Dr. Hammer's study concerned the Jews that came from Eastern Europe, the Ashkenazi. First, he found Roman Jews to be the ancestors of the Ashkenazi. Secondly, Dr. Hammer concluded that even though their presence in Europe spans over many generations, the genetic coding on the Y chromosome has remained as its own distinctive pattern, separate from the non-Jewish Europeans. This is an amazing feat when considering that the Ashkenazi population was founded over eighty generations ago. Dr. Hammer offered a simple explanation for this occurrence, "It could be that wherever Jews were, they were very much isolated."

I have, following "Fiddler on the Roof", another explanation. To marry a non-Jew was to be excommunicated and excluded from the Jewish community, as happened to Tevye's third daughter--the one who loved books, ideas, and a non-Jewish Russian. In a pogrom against Jews, she was left behind. "Amazing" Jewish separateness probably came through clear and obvious Jewish discrimination against non-Jews -- for 80 generations. When written this way, it's not such a big surprise that Jewish discrimination created resentment; coupled with slightly superior economic and cultural superiority, the feelings of many others are easily flamed into an irrational hatred and destructive envy.

With the Shoah (Holocaust) being such an abominable and evil murdering of so many Jews, as well as others, it seems to be almost forbidden to discuss the facts of Jewish marriage discrimination. This intellectual censorship is certain to be a mistake.

I'm concerned that similar envy/hatred drives many anti-globalists, and supporters of the "have-nots" of the world. Free Market supporters, like myself, need to be open to the legitimate complaints of the "losers" of the globalization game, and, pragmatically if unfortunately, to their more well-heeled PR mouths who usually advocate one form of larger government or another".

My comment: The anti-semitism of the Nazis was based on the fact that they thought the Jews controlled world finance, a belief found also among anti-globalists. exacerbated by the Israel problem. Since the Chinese Jews looked like orientals. there must have been intermarriage, and today in the West such marriages fortunately are common. Going back to the alleged racial purity of the Jews, how does this jibe with the theory that he Jews were a motley crowd of monotheists who fled Egypt with Moses?

Ronald Hilton - 2/16/02