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The Jews as a chosen people

Michael May chairman of the WAIS Board, comments:

"The concept of being chosen, special, is in the background of many, perhaps most groups. The Persians and Chinese consider that they are at the center of the universe, the French have their mission civilizatrice, the English have the white man's burden, and the Americans of course... The Jews and Germans were hardly unique, though the Bible's association of chosenness with responsibility, an association accepted by many protestants, may be rarer.

It's only natural. We each personally feel we're special from childhood, when we are special to our parents (usually) and to ourselves, so families and tribes naturally come to feel the same way. The feeling can be used and misused, like everything else. The means used are everything".

My comment: This suggests a problem for globalization. There are two solutions. Either everyone becomes humble (unlikely) or we all feel superior.

Ronald Hilton - 10/27/01