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Jews of the Old South

Tum Ashby says "Cameron is right. As a (Protestant) Southerner myself (family from South Carolina and Virginia, including General Turner Ashby, commander of Stonewall Jackson's cavalry), I am very familiar with the high regard in which Jews were held by the Southern gentry. For example, the Civil War museum at New Market, Virgina, is dedicated to the VMI cadets who fought so valiantly at that battle. The museum has a impressive exhibit on the life of one of these cadets, Moses J. Ezekial, a Jew of Sephardic descent who went on to become an internationally famous artist. Richmond's Shokoe Hill has a cemetery of Jewish Confederate veterans".

Neill Macaulay counters: "Not all Jews of the Old South were proslavery. Moses Elias Levy, father of U.S. Senator David Levy Yulee of Florida, was an abolitionist. See his pamphlet, "A Plan for the Abolition of Slavery," published anonymously in London in 1827, reprinted in 1999.

Ronald Hilton - 4/8/02