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Central America, the Maryknolls and the Jesuits

     Tim Walch writes:
     I would like to offer a technical correction to the false assumption that there was any formal connection between the Berrigan brothers and the Maryknoll Fathers. Daniel Berrigan is Jesuit and his brother Philip was a Josephite priest. Neither man was ever a member of the Maryknoll order. Neither did either of the Berrigans ever serve in a foreign country. Both men confined their social activism to the United States.

     My comment: The word "technical" helps, since few people can keep these religious orders straight. "Social activism" landed the two in jail. Maryknoll priests have been accused of engaging in military activity in Central America. Similar accusations have been made against the Jesuits, who are in the same boat as the Maryknolls. Many of these accusations have been made by the military and their supporters. Both sides argue vehemently about them. Each case is different, but in general it seems that the charges against the priests are untrue.

Ronald Hilton - 11/4/99