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Muslims and pork

Stephen Schwartz comments on the taboo against eating pork in Islam "Pork eating became fairly common among Muslims in Communist states. Not all Muslims everywhere in the world hold to the requirements of the faith, but from the traditional Islamic perspective, if they die sincerely believing in Allah and the prophecy of Muhammad, and if, when they ate pork, they did so knowing it was wrong, they may be absolved of sin. Belief is more important than conduct in traditional Islam. For a Muslim to proclaim that pork-eating is not a sin is much worse than just to eat it, knowing it is forbidden. Arguing that divine law is false is worse than simply transgressing it". RH: Cameron Sawyer reported than in Russia some Muslims drink alcohol. The Egyptian government owns a brewery. Some years ago I was host to some Arab Muslims. I drank red wine, and when I offered them some, they gleefully accepted.

Ronald Hilton - 6/22/03