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One more Sunday

Sunday mass in San Antonio, Texas, as usual assembled a crowd of ordinary folk struggling with the complexities of life. Father David Garcia spoke of Pope John Paul, and indeed we face an amazing phenomenon: millions of people turning out to pay homage to an old man who goes around in his popemobile, waving his arm and painfully muttering a few words. The crowd must feel that here is someone who sincerely wishes them well. Meanwhile, Rio de Janeiro has been the scene of a meeting of representatives of all religions, including some Afro-American ones.I do not know who paid their expenses, but it seemed to be a love-filled encounter, so different from the world UN meetings lately in Durban and soon in Johannesburg. Is only peace and love prevailed among religions of the world, the fate of humanity would be brighter.

Switch TV stations and you return to the "real" world of unceasing violence and stupid commercials. People's heads have been filled with garbage, and more is being poured in. Violent demonstrations are staged in the knowledge that it will be shown on TV. This is the use to which the world's most marvellous medium has been put. We should not exclude the possibility that the West will collapse under the weight of spiritual and mental garbage. Atlas is sagging under its weight.

Ronald Hilton - 8/25/02