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The Opus Dei

     Ana Marķa Eccles has sent me in Spanish a report on the Opus Dei, which has not yet figured in our discussions. However, I recall that Dick Gross, having been a visiting professor at the University of Santiago de Campostela, reported on the fight there between the Opus and the Jesuits.
     The Opus is quite well-known in Latin America, but not so much in the U.S., even though there are some members at Stanford. Founded by a priest in Valencia, Spain, it has loomed large in that country, where it took the place of the Jesuits as the prime target of the abuse of the intellectuals. Ana Marķa asks me what I think of it. I admire its ideal of service to humanity, but Ana Marķa objects to its attitude. She relates that a nephew of hers joined the Opus when he was a student in Madrid. After 18 years in Rome, he decided to leave the order, which gave him what colloquially we call the bum's rush. Pope John Paul II, who has had problems with the Jesuits, made the Opus a personal prelacy in 1982, indicating his support of it.

Ronald Hilton - 3/13/00