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The Opus Dei: Mexico

     Linda Nyquist says:
     "It is curious that you would mention the Opus Dei. Not very long ago, the son of some friends in Mexico joined this group, and they were extremely upset. I of course, know nothing about it, but from what they said, I understood it to be a very secretive organization. Is this the case? Why would a very Catholic family not be pleased by this association? It all sounded rather sinister."

     My comment: I will ask Mexican recipients of this posting to comment on this. I suspect that the Opus was regarded as being pro-Franco and opposed to the Masons and other organizations powerful in Mexico. Moreover, as I said there are conflicting currents among Mexican Catholics. The Opus is secretive in the sense that an member will admit it, but not reveal the identity of other members. I suppose it is like the communist cell structure.

Ronald Hilton - 3/13/00