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The Opus Dei

     Tim Brown reports:
     "Opus Dei most certainly was pro-Franco and anti-Mason. During my time in Spain, one of the most curious government offices was called The National Commission for the Suppression of Masonry and Communism. Curious, but not entirely paranoid, as Mason both as individuals and groups constantly appear in my own research as having played many a political role in the Latin world where, unlike in the U.S., they too are very secretive and often political. On the other hand, Opus dei is distinctly Roman Catholic and religious, whereas Latin Masons are often anticlerical, which means, by definition, they appear to the Church to be anti-Catholic. I am a member of neither, although I was once asked to become a Mason, and have no negative feelings towards either group. My experience suggests to me that both the Masons and Opus Dei, while comparable in methodologies, are politically powerful rivals both in religious and political terms. I would be quite interested if someone with much better knowledge of the Masons and/or Opus Dei would comment on them, as both are both fascinating and important."

Ronald Hilton - 3/13/00