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The Opus Dei

     Jose Luis Mogollon Alvarez Morphy, AM defends the Opus Dei from a religious viewpoint:
     "I am not a member of the Opus Dei, but I do have several friends that are involved in this organization. What I would like to say is that even though some people might not like the methods of this Catholic group it is by no means secretive or communist or some of the other terms used before to describe it.
     It is a Catholic organization that strives to guide Catholics in their daily lives. As any religious organization, the Opus Dei has a certain social segment it targets. The reason for this is that you can't strive to be everything to everybody. Just like there are people devoted to the poorest of the poor, there are others that focus on converting non-Catholics, and other that target the affluent and so on.
     I dont want to say that I know a lot about religion or what others are saying, but I DO NOT believe the comments made about the Opus Dei. If that family was upset about one of their kids joining the Opus Dei, Im sure that its not because they fear the group, but because they feel the pain of not seeing that person as often as they are used to, or because they believe that the kid was manipulated into joining. Both of these concerns are not particular to the Opus Dei, but Id say of any religious group.

     My comment: I never heard the Opus described as communist. If, as has been said, members will not reveal the names of other members, that makes it secretive. The ideal of getting professional people to devote their efforts to the welfare of society is in itself admirable.

Ronald Hilton - 3/14/00