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Pedophelia and the Orthodox Church

Just because Cameron Sawyer is "not aware" of any scandals does not mean there is no abuse. I suspect there is plenty of abuse, but it is well-hidden because the Orthodox Church is even more secretive and, in some ways, intellectually repressive than Western churches. Let me give one example. In the Catholic Church, the congregation watches the priests break the bread and take communion, and, then, the parishioners take it In the Orthodox Church church, the priests take communion alone behind a screen which blocks them from the congregation. The secrecy of the Orthodox Church gives the priest's more power (hence, it makes abuse more likely), and it increases the likelihood that victims will not speak out and investigations will not go very far"..

RH: Rob is referring to the iconostasis, a feature of the Orthdox Church. It separates to church proper from the sanctuary, where only priests are admitted. It is a structural form which goes back to ancient Greek temples. While what Rob says is true, it is flimsy evidence on which to base accusations. Moreover, Orthodox priests marry. Still, who knows?

Ronald Hilton - 8/5/03