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     Religious wars have discredited not only the religions involved, but religion itself. As usual, women are leading the way toward an end to the obscenity of religious violence. Edith Coliver writes:
     "I was founding chair of WIDME (Women's Interfaith Dialogue on the Middle East), an organization composed of some 200 members, Jews, Christian and Muslims. We long ago ironed out differences and work jointly on common problems. We had a rotating chair of a Catholic nun, a Lebanese granddaughter of the Grand Mufti of Lebanon and myself. We have lectures, panels, book reviews, etc. and, when we are incensed about something, enlist the expertise of a Lebanese member of our group who happens to be a superb writer, to send off a Letter to the Editor, which usually gets printed. We have formed many, and lasting, friendships. I am off to the hospital tomorrow to get my second new hip. Wish me luck!"

     My comment: If Edith's group gets its letters to the editor published, the gods must be on their side. I am sure they will be as helpful in taking care of Edith's hip problem. Fortunately she has no problem with her heart or with her head, making her an ideal WAISer.

Ronald Hilton - 1/20/00